The Purpose of Our Art

Art in its mission serves an essential need for aesthetic beauty. Art brings forth all elements of a culture together to form an image or a view of the culture and provides a reflection of a societies culture and what I mean by culture is its literature; in the form of poetry, novels and folk stories; by its music, which uses elements of poetry and storytelling also forming what I would call the tapestry of the culture all woven together by the loom of the people. The loom of the people has an obvious racial and ethnic connection, this culture is produced by the people who are a vehicle for cultural production and in some way, the culture is a vehicle for the production of people, e.g. artwork which represents maternalism, paternalism and family unity.

The art on this website seeks to recapture that fundamental aesthetic essence which eludes the art of the modern age and in so doing to promote our cause politically. It is so vital that we not just remain in the sphere of politics but to expand into areas of high culture which has been so wrecked by the previous century of deconstruction and obliviation. So it is our duty to rebuild those sacred steps to a structured artform which truly represents the divine spirit of knowledge, being and becoming to a point where we have transcended the mere human aspect of our existence and move onto a new stage of artistic and cultural evolution. It is our time to prove our selves to the maker in becoming agents of creation and ascension.