We demand nothing less than TOTAL VICTORY.

Total victory isn’t a tax cut, total victory isn’t a border wall, total victory isn’t smaller government, total victory isn’t kicking the Jews out for the 1080 time from the 110th country. Total Victory is the evisceration of our enemies, to see them driven before us however many they may be. Total victory is endless, eternal and it is waged at the frontiers. Jews and non-whites will one day be behind us. The worst thing we could possibly conceive of is an end to the frontier, the white man must always have a frontier where battle and struggle is pitched against a force or enemy. This is a transcendental, ontological necessity for the white man. If the white man finds nothing to struggle against then he will rot. We don’t seek heaven but further struggle, further battle, a new place to pitch our tents and set stockades against the front which will later be charged past. One of the main reasons I think we have been allowed to be subverted by the Jews and allowed ourselves to be temporarily conquered by the non-whites is because we had control of 80% of the planet’s landmass, we pretty much economically controlled the whole planet too. We had utter domination. This is why we set ourselves up against each other and created minor fronts and ideologies within our own racial-ranks to spur on Conflict because we fundamentally, divinely need action and ultraviolence to thrust us on this mortal coil and into the halls of Valhalla with our ancestors. If I was to outline our Ideals and what we want that would be difficult in itself because they are constantly in flux as much as anything within the universe is. Which is why it is almost impossible to solidly put down victory conditions as politicians incessantly try to do; because they want your vote of course. Heraclitus said:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” 


So why then do we seek Victory if we can’t accurately define it? Why do we strive for something which isn’t perceptible or knowable?

I will grant the Christians their great skill when it comes to Contemplation of God. They decided to create a whole field of study of awareness to divinity and gazing into God, finding his contours and shapes, his impressions and curves. I will use their contemplative method to define the features and somewhat GAZE at VICTORY to determine its shapes, contours, impressions and curves. Christians have two understandings when it comes to determining the qualities of God. We will use these methods to qualify what Victory is.

“Via Positiva” and “Via Negativa”

Before I use these two terms to detail my thoughts on victory I will first define what both of these terms mean (I copied and pasted these from a good website).

Via Positiva or Cataphatic Way, as it is also known, describes God through positive statements. It assumes we can know and understand God by, for example, studying creation and revelation, through prayer and reflection, and through religious experience. Statements we might make about God using the Via Positiva would be: God is love, God is good, God is just, God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and so on. 

The Via Negativa, or Apophatic Way, is rather different. It assumes that our human language and understanding are incapable of describing the qualities of God (which most people would agree about when push comes to shove, even those who use the Via Positiva) and thus we are left with statements that describe what God is not (the negative way). So we might say: God is neither light nor darkness, God is neither knowable or unknowable, God is neither present or not present, and so on.

Via Positiva Victory

First things first I would say that Via Positiva Victory is certainly short-term in view of all history and time as it posits certain solid, material, victory conditions: e.g. more resources, more jobs, better healthcare, more “rights”, the annexation of new territories, winning a battle/war, conquering a woman’s thighs etc… etc… I will give a few, short, historically relevant examples to help you understand what I mean:

The Servile wars were fought for Freedom from Rome and its yoke. The War for independence in the USA was fought for sovereign rights for America to exist as a nation rather than a colony of Great Britain, of Europe. Both Wars tried shaking off the Yoke of history, the eternal Yoke of truth, to escape some predetermined destiny and rule. The Slaves were defeated but the Yankees won – or did they? The slaves materially lost all three servile wars. Spartacus lost in 71BC but ultimately won during the reign of Caracalla, when men were freed all around the Roman Empire, freemen were even given citizenship. Looking back to America, the Americans materially won during the American Revolutionary War against the British Empire. America divided against itself found other Victory conditions soon after when not even a century had passed until the American civil war occurred, when the Southmen and Unionmen marched against each other and pitched battle in fields, in forests, on the plains of American soil, scorching earth, spilling the claret-red blood of their racial brothers – for what? We could say the same thing for many wars but as I have said, when we are left with utter victory we quibble with each other and create many graves for our own people to be buried in. America lost in 1865 but was victorious in 1783. All of the aforementioned victories have premade conditions of victory, set in solid stone (e.g. I kill you, I win). Beyond them new victory conditions were drawn up and will continue to be drawn up as the idea of pacifism is never present anywhere in life, and it shouldn’t be.

All the way from prehistoric violence to the first forms of “civilisational” violence when Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt – unifying it – to the current wars of attrition in the middle east where we utterly destroy combatant and civilian alike for Israel.

Because of this, via Positiva Victory does not always reach the root of any truths and provides people what they want, it satiates them temporarily. When you string together history, find lines and routes; when you find the chain reaction, when you don’t just look for origin and destination and look at the passage of events and the overall process of it you come to a Gestalt, cosmic understanding of what Victory is! For is Ultimate, Total Victory unending? Is it not the process itself? Is it not…

[As a short side note: when I talk of history in this way I mean it completely divorced from the Jew who has none of this and its via Positiva victory there will be a whole ]

Via Negativa Victory

Our vision of the world, or Weltanschauung, is simple and grandiose: a Cosmic War

–Miguel Serrano
Made By Slavros

Purely, this quote, come closest to the true meaning of Ultimate, Total Victory, which is via Negativa. Which means that the true victory isn’t “knowable” or “unknowable”. History is violence and blood in service to biological truths and realities. History is Malthusian in some sense but it isn’t in a massive way too. We can best understand one of the most basic and foundational cosmic truths about TRUE sociology as it relates to biology by looking at a graphic [See left] made by Slavros for IronMarch which now does not exist, unfortunately.

As we can see Slavros correctly identifies the root as the individual and the broadest scale as the Material and immaterial. I, personally would put male and female above humanity because other species have a male and female dichotomy, for example, the Dog or the Cat etc… The understanding of this leads us to a better understanding of what Victory is, its eternal form. We can see Victory in terms of the fulfilment of the Indo-Aryan cycle of the universe, the Maha-Kalpa and its sub-divisions into Kalpas, Maha-Yugas, Yugas; down to the smallest units of time and the chemical alchemy of the Universe. There is a section of the Rigveda which goes thus:

Darkness there was at first, by darkness hidden;
Without distinctive marks, this all was water;
That which, becoming, by the void was covered;
That One by force of heat came into being;

Who really knows? Who will here proclaim it?
Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation?
Gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe.
Who then knows whence it has arisen?

Whether God’s will created it, or whether He was mute;
Perhaps it formed itself, or perhaps it did not;
Only He who is its overseer in highest heaven knows,
Only He knows, or perhaps He does not know.

— Rigveda 10:129-6

The last two verses of that eternally true hymn show us the via Negativa aspect of Origin, which will further show us the via Negativa truth of present and future. Victory and Defeat IS History. History is also the study of forces, how they interact and conquer one another, an example of this being: nuclear fusion and fission, matter and anti-matter. We see these things on macroscopic levels and there is even a macroscope larger and beyond our perception in terms of Victory. We could see the Expansion and Contraction of the universe as two forces which are diametrically opposed to one another and only one can be the Victory in this battle for the Universe’s destiny.

The Eternal Cycle

Where do the Jews fit into this?

We need to understand History better. We need to get rid of these faux-frontiers and actually contest reality instead of this phoney-reality. This faux-reality, where the boundaries, confines and limits have been set by Jews and THEIR interests and not ours. The Jew prevents us, takes away our frontier nature, creates prophesies and myths (Christianity) to confine and limit our achievements so they can act as eternal profiteers from internal conflicts within our race -at least that was what they historically did until we rose up as a race in Germany from 1933-1945. Now the Jew realises that the Aryan man is wise to his trickery and will not be fooled. The Aryan pushed through and punctured the artificial wall of the Jew and outside of this predetermined box of “cause and effect” saw outside into Agartha, Shambhala, Hyperborea, home. The eternal return of our Race back to origin may not be physically finding Atlantis, Hyperborea, Ultima Thule but it will certainly be a return to the old Aryan way as frontiersmen, discoverers, conquerors, explorers, bringing back our racial attitude towards ascension and apotheosis. Not this Greco-Semitic “gnosis” of petty battles and mercantilism of the most paltry nature.

Ultimate Conclusion on Total Aryan Victory

The victory is in the ideal and the Victory is in striving for it with Absolute fanaticism and relentlessness. Victory is the child, Victory is the mother, Victory is the anvil meeting the steel; Victory is the craft of man and metal, plaster and mortar, life and death.

Victory is the endless River of Heredity which flows down to meet you in birth and which you return to with the birth of your children.

Victory is the Eternal Return, back to the Aryan Traditions of old. A pre-Semitic tradition of ascension, life, health; the prosperity of mind, body and soul.

There is a line which must never be surrendered. That… IS THE FRONT LINE.



Victory was yesterday, victory is today and victory is the future…


I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?

Friedrich Nietzsche
The Eternal Front


Samuli M. · 21st August 2019 at 10:48 AM

Some motivational points there, but also some dangers that Evola specifically warned us about.

The concept of eternal struggle is a contradiction in terms. If it’s a struggle it can’t be eternal, although Hitler and many neopagans were inspired by Wagnerian romantic notions of eternal growth that just taps into the modern myths of vitalism and activism. In The Mystery of the Grail Wagner is identified as one of the chief anti-traditionalists that established a link between Semitic vitalism and the future European nation states:

“Unfortunately, most people know about the Grail, Percival, and related things only because of the arbitrary, pseudomystical, and decadent way in which Wagner portrayed them on the basis of a fundamental misunderstanding: this misunderstanding was further compounded by the employment of several themes of ancient Nordic-Germanic mythology in his Ring of the Nibelungs.”

Further on the myth of struggle in Pagan Imperialism:

“The so-called activist, evolutionistic, “Faustian” conception of life is closely connected with the coming of the machine in the West. The romantic exaltation of everything which is stress, quest, tragedy; religion, or, better said, drawing on Guénon’s expression, the superstition of life understood as an irrepressible tension, as a concern that never finds satisfaction and, in a perpetual thirst and in a perpetual disgust, moves without pause from form to form, from sensation to sensation, from invention to invention; the obsession with “doing” and with “gaining”, with what is new, with setting the “record”, with the unusual – all this constitutes the fourth aspect of the European evil: an aspect which characterises unquestionably the physiognomy of Western civilisation and which, these days, has really reached a feverish crisis.”

It is very important to note that William Luther Pierce, Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano all shared this vegetative and passive conception of activism. True activism and eternal principles are something else entirely. It’s ironic that this modern activism is precisely Semitic in origin:

“We already indicated how the root for [Western] perversion also can be traced back to the Semitic lineage. The spirit of messianism is its spirit, its original matter. The hallucination of another world and of a messianic solution which flees from the present is the need for escape of the failures, of the pariahs, of the accursed, of those who are powerless to assume and to will the reality which is their; it is the inadequacy of the persons who suffer, whose being is desire, passion, and despair.”

You write: “The worst thing we could possibly conceive of is an end to the frontier, the white man must always have a frontier where battle and struggle is pitched against a force or enemy.”

Semitic media has created this illusion with the glorification of combat that started before Wagner but continues today just most visibly in phenomena like Jewish UFC, Jewish martial arts (especially popular in Scandinavia and France, the most semitized of nations), violent video games, violent film industry, romantic action novels, etc. None of this has anything to do with traditional societies, in which principles of moderation, reason and justice were almost synonymous and battle was reserved for a defined race-caste in a total spiritual framework. Ultraviolence belongs to Semitic brute warlike breeds that perverted the warriordom of the Aryans:

“Among Semites, we see, on the one hand, an affirmation of the virile principle that is coarsely material, sensual, or uncouth and ferociously warlike (Assyria), and, on the other hand, an emasculated spirituality, a ‘lunar’ and predominantly sacerdotal relation with the divine, the pathos of sin and expiation, an impure and uneasy romanticism, combined, as a sort of escapism, with a naturalistic and mathematically-based contemplativeness.” -Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem

You can see how today we get to choose precisely one of these two Semitic forms: feminine spirituality of the contemplative and weak Silver Age (most castrated adult males today) or the coarsely ferocious spirituality of the Bronze Age (today’s athletes, military personnel and martial artists). It’s hard to imagine this Semitization of our spirituality to become any worse than it is. For more information on heroic action’s groundedness in being, see Ride the Tiger ch 11, “Acting without Desire”.

    ArthurAlbion · 23rd August 2019 at 12:02 AM

    I don’t see how ultraviolence is Jewish. Ultraviolence doesn’t always imply zergcrushing everything in sight, to me, it means Absolute physical action taken against one’s enemy in a crucial, exacting, powerful, ferocious, and expedient manner. Look at a Blitzkrieg as an example.

    I also don’t think the Scythians or the Goths or any other Germanic tribe would have stuck their nose up and said: “I am traditional and masculine fighting is undesirable in my traditional society”. Jew or no jew there will be relationship problems, struggles for dominance, power, resources (food, water, women, shelter, land etc…). You are looking at something crystalline and “Golden-Age” which in my view almost exists outside of “Time” and above it(This is Sav Devi’s conception of Time as Mahakala the destroyer of all).

    Struggle IS eternal. The struggle is life itself, it is Nietzschean in that sense. The only Semitic thing is to believe you can live in an Edenic paradise free of worry and sin. If you live with a woman then you probably know that life will always be a struggle hahaha. Case in point.

    Himmler said very accurately we can rest in the grave. I have inwardly accepted what he said as the message of all valuable people who live valuable lives.

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